What types of doors and windows are there?

In the 21st century, in this new era of constant comfort and convenience created by lazy people, our windows have also been updated from generation to generation! Although the main intelligence is ventilation and lighting, the performance and quality are constantly improving. Let our life have more choices and more convenience. So, how many kinds of windows are there now? Have you ever heard of them?

The windows are divided into the following 11 types according to the opening method.

01.fixed window

Fixed windows cannot be opened, generally without sashes, only the glass can be embedded in the window frame. Sometimes sashes are also provided to produce the same façade effect as other windows, but the sashes are fixed to the sash. Fixed windows are only used for lighting and viewing, and are usually used in occasions where only lighting is considered and ventilation is not considered. Due to the fixed sash, the glass area can be slightly larger.

02.sliding window

Sliding windows have the advantage of not occupying indoor space, and large pieces of glass can increase indoor lighting. But the ventilation area is smaller (only half of the open window). At present, aluminum alloy sliding windows and plastic sliding windows are widely used. 

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03.sliding window

The sliding window is opened vertically up and down, which is actually a vertical sliding window. Under normal circumstances, whether it is a sliding window or a sliding window, the opening area will not exceed 1/2, and the opening method is not as convenient as the horizontal sliding window. However, in the special design of the building, the sliding window can add highlights.

04.casement window 

Casement window is a traditional window type with the widest range of applications, divided into two types: inward opening and outward opening. It is easy to clean the window when it is opened inside, but it occupies indoor space when it is opened. The window sash that opens outward has good waterproof performance, and does not occupy indoor space when opened, but it is easily damaged in strong wind and rain, and requires higher strength of hardware. The biggest feature of the casement window is that the sealing performance is good, the sash can be fully opened, which is convenient for ventilation and has a simple structure.


Shooting windows are equivalent to down-hung windows, which are more suitable for small windows such as kitchens and bathrooms, or hotels and office buildings with central air conditioning. Sometimes they are used in conjunction with casement windows and sliding windows. 

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06.top hung window

The top-hung window can only be opened by ten centimeters, and it is impossible to reach in from the outside, which is especially suitable for use when no one is at home. Top-hung windows are divided into inward and outward inversion. At present, the inverted window is more popular. It is generally used as another way to open the casement window. The rain protection effect of the upper-hung window is not as good as that of the inside, and the safety is not as good as that of the inside.

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07.center hung window

The middle-hung window has the largest opening area, and is suitable for buildings that require ventilation in the area, such as factories, stadiums and other public places. It has both traditional style and innovative technology. The accessories of the middle-hung window have good economic performance, easy installation and complete The windows are natural, generous, and very fashionable and decorative. The attic of the home is also very suitable for the use of center-hung windows.

08. vertical revolving window

The rotating shaft of the vertical rotating window is located in the middle part of the upper and lower risers, and the window sash can be rotated vertically. This kind of window has better ventilation and rain-blocking effects, and is easy to scrub the window sash. 

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The windows on the roof are called “skylights”. Skylights can increase lighting, and movable skylights can enhance ventilation. According to the different construction methods, skylights can be divided into convex skylights, sunken skylights, flat skylights and zigzag skylights.


Louver is a special window used to block sunlight or block sight, with fixed or movable shutters on it.


The main function of the screen is to “anti-mosquito”. Today’s screens have more tricks than before, with invisible screens and detachable screens, and it is no longer as laborious to remove the screens as before. 

Post time: Jan-10-2022