Aluminium FormWork Training with our Foreign Trade Department

Shandong Huajian Aluminium Group Co.,Ltd, with 5 plants for aluminium profile, and it can produce so much products, like windows&doors, curtain wall, industrial aluminium profile, solar brackets and frame, aluminium auto parts, aluminium furniture, also the aluminium form work.

As we know, the aluminium formwork is highly effective for the building, be widely used in the industry. Not only efficiency, but also the building quality.

1,highly efficient and more shorter time of construction.

2, saving construction materials.

3, it is very good for workers health.

4, the aluminium form work has high recovery value.

5,low-cost of reusable.

6, assemble, convenient, and installation.

7, High stability and high bearing capacity.

8, aluminum formwork system is applicable to all construction components.

9, it is not produce construction waste, construction is safer.

10, Design one-time molding, high precision and high practicability.

11, the support system is small and easy to walk.

About the aluminium form work, we have a plant, Shandong Hualv Formwork Co. , Ltd(please check the pictures), which focus on the aluminium form work. with our excellent technical and experience, we can supply one-stop services, the aluminium can be designed and processed according to customers drawing of the buliding projects, even installation.

Shandong Hualv Formwork Co. , Ltd. it is a comprehensive enterprise with an area of more than 170,000 square meters, aluminum alloy formwork and aluminum alloy formwork, production capacity: 200,000 square metres per year. It has advanced aluminum alloy template production line 5, automatic adjustable electronic feeding saw 8, numerical control ruler saw 8, arbitrary angle numerical control saw 4, Kuka double-position welding robot. It has a strict production management system, scientific process, advanced processing technology, has product development, design, quality inspection center. Through strict control of product quality, the implementation of the 6S management method for users to dedicate first-class products and high-quality services.

Welcome to our company to have a visit!

There are some accessories for the aluminium form work in our company.


Some departments in our company to support the quality of aluminium form work.


All series of aluminium form work products in our company.


Some engineering examples be supplied by our company.


Some training and workshop facts pictures.


Our aluminium form work plant office in our plant.


Post time: Apr-29-2021