anti-dumping measures for aluminum profiles exported from China to Australia

In October 2020, the relevant Australian authorities announced the results of anti-dumping investigations on aluminum profiles in China. The new anti-dumping and countervailing duty rates will be implemented after October 28, 2020:

The Commissioner of the Anti-Dumping Commission (the commissioner) has completed an inquiry, which commenced on 13 February 2020, into whether the continuation of the anti-dumping measures in the form of a dumping duty notice and countervailing duty notice applying to aluminium extrusions exported to Australia from the People’s Republic of China (China) is justified. Exports of Guangdong Jiangsheng Aluminium Co Ltd and Guangdong Zhongya Aluminium Company Ltd are not covered by this inquiry, as the measures currently in place in relation to aluminium extrusions do not apply to exports of the goods by these companies.

Particulars of the dumping and subsidy margins established for each of the exporters and the effective rates of duty are also set out in the following table.

The results of a survey show that for most suppliers in China, the combined anti-dumping and anti-subsidy tax rate is maintained at 11.5%. In recent years, there have been endless anti-dumping investigations on China Aluminum Profiles. As a domestic manufacturer, how should we deal with this difficult situation?

Judging from the cases of companies that have successfully defended and responded to anti-dumping in recent years, anti-dumping is not a battle to be killed in one stroke. It is also something that companies need to fight for while continuously increasing their international influence overseas.

In addition to the first time, companies should further meet actual needs and increase customer stickiness in the process of developing and maintaining customers; they also need to further explore other regional markets and reduce their dependence on a certain market, especially the market of anti-dumping countries.

Post time: Mar-25-2021