Leju Home and Sina Home visit to Huajian Aluminum

On July 7th, A team of more than 20 people led by the General manager of Leju Home and Sina Home came to Huajian Aluminum. Under the reception and accompanied by Ms. Ding , the executive vice president of the Group, they went deep into the factory and each member enterprise.  

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During the visit of Huajian Aluminum Group, Executive Vice President Ms. Ding accompanied the visitors to visit our Windows Expo, Testing Company, Workshop,  Industrial Park, EOOS factory, and the passive office building of the Group Headquarters. At present, Linqu has become the “Aluminum City of China”, “China Energy Saving Doors and Windows Industry Base”, and is an important “engine land” for the development of Chinese system doors and Windows Industry.




After the visit, the two sides held a discussion and exchange. We had in-depth discussions and exchanges on how to strengthen cooperation in the home decoration retail industry.


Post time: Jul-09-2021