Opening of the 13th China home doors and windows Expo

On the morning of October 12, the 13th China (Weifang) home door and window Expo, which lasted for three days, was grandly opened in Linqu, Shandong, the capital of aluminum industry in China. Elites from the door and window industry and people from all walks of life from all over the country gathered in China International door and window curtain wall Expo City to jointly participate in the industry event and seek common cooperation and development. Zhang Jilin, vice president and Secretary General of China nonferrous metal processing industry association, announced the opening of the Expo and delivered a speech; Guo Jianli, vice chairman of Shandong Federation of industry and commerce, delivered a speech; Zhan Zaiping, vice mayor of Weifang Municipal government, delivered a speech; Du Jianhua, Secretary of Linqu County Party committee, presided over the meeting.


The Expo has received strong support from Weifang Municipal Party committee and Weifang Municipal government. It is hosted by China nonferrous metal processing industry association and China Building Metal Structure Association, undertaken by Shandong Huajian aluminum group · China International door, window and curtain wall Expo City, and won the support of China Building Decoration Association, China formwork and scaffold Association, Guangdong door industry association, Shenzhen building door, window and curtain wall society The professional committee of doors, windows and curtain walls of Shenzhen civil architecture society, Sichuan door and window industry association, Shanghai building hardware door and window industry association, Renqiu building door and window industry association, Linqu Enterprise Development Promotion Association, China EU energy-saving door and window industry development alliance, Linqu Aluminum Profile Industry Association and other industry associations all over the country. The exhibition attracted more than 600 enterprises from more than 20 provinces and cities.

At 9:18 a.m., witnessed by the audience at the opening ceremony, Zhang Jilin announced the opening of the 13th China (Weifang) home doors and windows Expo, and the leading guests on the stage cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony.


Zhang Jilin said in his speech that as the most representative aluminum processing industry cluster in China, Weifang Linqu has a strong foundation of aluminum processing industry, complete supporting and application industries and a first-class business environment. Since its establishment in 2014, with the strong support of Weifang City and Linqu County Governments, China (Weifang) home doors and windows Expo has had new highlights every year and made new breakthroughs in each session. After 12 sessions of precipitation, it has developed into one of the most famous and authoritative professional exhibitions in the field of home doors and windows in China, in order to lengthen Linqu aluminum processing industry chain, broaden aluminum application fields It has made important contributions to promoting the development of high-end industry. Continuing the exhibition concept of “making high-quality products and winning the future”, this Expo has set up 8 characteristic exhibition areas and opened an online “window Expo”, which is committed to creating a new engine for the development of the home door and window industry. I hope all exhibitors and downstream users of aluminum processing can come and return with satisfaction.


Guo Jianli said in his speech that Shandong Province will print and implement the implementation plan for high quality development of aluminum industry in Shandong Province in 2019 to provide key guarantee and support to aluminum industry gathering areas in Linqu County and other places. Linqu County seized the development opportunity, cultivated well-known enterprises in Huajian, Guanghua, Weisheng, xinyudong and other industries, arranged high-quality platforms such as national aluminum material inspection center and international aluminum Exhibition Center, and introduced several provincial key projects such as smart aluminum home industry community. The aluminum profile industry has rapidly grown into an advantageous leading industry in Linqu County, an important industrial plate in Weifang City, and an important field in Shandong Province to accelerate the transformation of old and new kinetic energy. These achievements, thanks to the correct leadership of the Party committee and government, are also the full embodiment of the optimization of the business environment and the healthy development of the private economy in Linqu County. I sincerely hope that all guests can better promote exchanges, deepen mutual trust and promote cooperation through this Expo. With the greatest sincerity and best service, we will work with entrepreneurs to seize opportunities, seek cooperation and win-win development, and help enterprises ride the wind and waves and sail far.


Zhan Zaiping, on behalf of Weifang Municipal Party committee and Weifang Municipal government, extended a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all guests. He said that since the first Expo was held in 2014, with the strong support of all sectors of society, Linqu window Expo has become an important platform for industry business negotiation, brand promotion and channel expansion, and has played an important role in deepening upstream and downstream cooperation and high-quality development of the industry. I sincerely hope that all guests and friends from all walks of life can make full use of this platform, deeply tap the potential of cooperation, share opportunities for cooperation and development, and make positive contributions to accelerating the integration into the new development pattern dominated by the domestic cycle and mutually promoted by the domestic and international cycles. More entrepreneurs are welcome to invest and start business in Weifang. We will provide the best service, the best policy and the best environment, so that all parties coming to Weifang for cooperation and development can achieve better development and obtain rich returns.

During the same period of the exhibition, the “dream chasing new era · Development Summit Forum of China’s home door and window industry”, “2021 award ceremony for outstanding figures in the home door and window industry”, “2021 award ceremony for excellence in China’s home door and window industry”, “2021 meeting of China EU energy saving door and window industry development alliance”, “exchange meeting on the development trend of aluminum profile home decoration market” and “2021 China door and window curtain wall conference” were also held Colorful industry exchange activities covering the whole industry chain of doors and windows, such as “all aluminum home industry seminar and exchange meeting”, “Huajian EOX 2021 marketing and Investment Promotion Conference and new product launch”, as well as cultural activities such as “calligraphy and painting China – Cross Strait (Linqu) calligraphy and painting exhibition”, have greatly improved the industry significance and connotation of this exhibition.


It is reported that this exhibition is based in Linqu, Shandong Province and radiates all over the country. Not only enterprises from key domestic regions actively participate in the exhibition, but it is expected to attract nearly 40000 professional visitors, buyers and door and window dealers from all over the country on the first day of the exhibition. Rich exhibition brands and products, hot traffic and popularity have built an efficient communication and cooperation platform for the door and window industry, and further called for the industry brand of “world good doors and windows, made in Linqu, China”. During the exhibition, enterprises from different regions all over the country learned from each other, exchanged and cooperated with each other, which also made China (Weifang) home door and window Expo a big platform to promote regional cooperation and promote the integrated development of domestic door and window industry.

Post time: Oct-13-2021