Plastic-steel doors and windows withdrew from the mainstream in only 10 years, how long can Heat insulation broken bridge aluminum doors and windows last?

For a commodity, if the price is ruined and the market ruined, it is not far from death.

Think of the development trajectory of the aluminum alloy door and window industry, and I feel the same is true.

The Chinese have a skill: not to make products well, but to keep prices low. This is the case in many industries. If you get a little bargain, you will be complacent, and unknowingly you will make a mess of your own products.

When the plastic-steel door and window materials first entered our country, the design life of the plastic-steel profiles at that time was 20 years. Because of the high quality of the materials, the products were also recognized by users.

Later, in order to improve the competitiveness of their products, some manufacturers began to change the formula and lower the quality of the profiles. When others sold 121 tons, they produced 10,000 yuan per ton. Don’t think you sold 111,000 tons, and he started. Production of eight thousand and one tons.

The price of profiles has decreased, and the prices of finished plastic steel doors and windows have also fallen. Therefore, door and window users have bought cheaper products, dealers have also increased sales, and profile manufacturers have been producing at full capacity. It seems that everyone is happy.

But in fact, consumers will always suffer. Originally, products that can be used for 20 years to buy authentic products at a higher price, but because of a little discount on the price, the service life of door and window products has been shortened to 5 or 6 years. If this is the case, when consumers It all reflects that the cheap products I bought at that time were actually inferior products, that is, when the industry ended.

In recent years, broken bridge doors and windows with excellent sound insulation and heat insulation have become popular in the market. It is precisely because the broken bridge doors and windows have the quality of sound insulation and heat insulation, so from broken bridge profiles to hardware accessories to various accessories will have a higher The quality requirements and the production process are also much more complicated, and the price will naturally be higher than that of ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows.

When looking for prices, many dealers will say: Your door and window prices are similar to those of other manufacturers, and they are not competitive. Are there any cheaper broken bridge sound insulation doors and windows?

You ask ordinary small factories for products with good quality and high prices. Maybe they really can’t make them because they are restricted by equipment, capital, and technology.

Can such so-called “broken bridge doors and windows” still be called broken bridge doors and windows?

It not only loses the functions of sound insulation, heat preservation, and energy saving of broken bridge doors and windows, but even basic safety cannot be guaranteed. Its actual quality is not as good as ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows, but because it is called “broken bridge doors and windows”, the price is It is still much more expensive than ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows.

Does this low-priced product still have any meaning? In fact, it is just a counterfeit and inferior harmful product. When your users have used your product and understand that they are buying fake and shoddy products at low prices, you are not far from dead. Don’t forget, plastic steel doors and windows went from prosperity to decline in just ten years.

When a new product comes out, the price will be lowered appropriately for industrialization and scale, and it will also facilitate the rapid opening of the market, but if the price is unscrupulously lowered and abused, it will definitely kill the entire industry. This is the truth proved by countless facts. Plastic steel doors and windows are a living example.

Now in the door and window market, 300 and 500 are called broken bridge doors and windows, 800 and 1000 are also called broken bridge doors and windows, and even 1800 and 2000 are also called broken bridge doors and windows. They look the same, and end users do not understand professional knowledge and cannot distinguish well. Bad, in order not to suffer a loss, I can choose the cheap ones, so that the products of conscientious manufacturers are not selling well, so they have to reduce the quality of their products to adapt to the market. This will be a tragedy again, don’t you see the plastic steel profile factories that bloomed all over the year, how many are left now?

According to the data released by experts, 50% of the energy efficiency of buildings in my country is lost by non-energy-saving doors and windows, while the current inventory of thermal insulation doors and windows in my country only accounts for 5% of building doors and windows, and 95% of the market is yet to be developed.

According to the data, there is a gap of nearly 30 years between the doors and windows of our country and those of developed countries in Europe and America. When we are still using windows that leak wind, rain, and energy, European and American countries have begun to study energy-free doors and windows. Under the general trend of the country advocating energy conservation and emission reduction, it is conceivable that the energy-saving door and window industry has a promising future. Under this trend, what reason do we door and window people have not to do a good job in this great industry that benefits the country, the people, and the factory?

A truly respectable company is not the fastest growing and expanding company, nor the largest scale company. It is a company that has always adhered to its quality positioning and price positioning, and has its own bottom line from beginning to end. Its existence is a blessing for society, a blessing for the industry, and a blessing for myself!

Throughout the past ten years, the door and window industry has made considerable progress in our country. Many people with the foresight of building energy conservation have invested in the development of energy-saving and heat-preserving doors and windows industry.

However, we have also seen the vicious competition and low-price competition in the industry. The use of unqualified door and window materials, hardware and auxiliary materials is shoddy, so that the insulation is not heat-preserving, energy-saving is not energy-saving, and sound insulation is not. Sound insulation; quality accidents such as water leakage of doors and windows, falling sashes, etc. also occur from time to time.

Therefore, the development of the door and window industry still has a long way to go. It is necessary for conscientious companies and merchants to increase the promotion of energy-saving doors and windows while healthy competition, so that end users can understand what is good doors and windows, and what are inferior doors and windows. This is the only way. Only companies and merchants participating in this industry will have better sustainable development!


Post time: Nov-13-2021