The advantage of Aluminium Form Work


         1. High construction efficiency and short cycle: The aluminum alloy building formwork system is a quick-release mold system, which can be removed in 18-36 hours, so only one layer of aluminum formwork and three layers of single supports are required to meet the requirements. Normal construction can be used. Up to 4-5 days for the first floor, thus greatly shortening the construction period, saving management costs for the construction unit, and shortening the development cycle for real estate developers.

        2. Reusable and low cost: All accessories of the aluminum formwork system can be reused. The aluminum alloy formwork system uses integral extrusion to form aluminum alloy profiles as raw materials (6061-T6). A set of formwork specifications can be turned over and used for more than 300 times. Low cost of use.

        3. Convenient construction and high efficiency: The aluminum formwork system is simple and convenient to assemble. It only needs to increase the standard board proportionally during installation. The aluminum formwork is light in weight of 18-25 kg per square meter. The construction process is completely assembled and transported manually, and does not rely on lifting Mechanical equipment (workers usually only need a wrench or a small hammer, which is convenient and quick). Installers can install 20-30 square meters per person per day (aluminum formwork installers can save 30% compared with wooden formwork, and no technicians are needed. It is sufficient to carry out a simple training for the construction staff for 1 hour before installation).

        4. Good stability and high bearing capacity: The aluminum formwork system is all assembled by aluminum formwork. After the system is assembled, it will form an overall frame with good stability. The bearing capacity can reach 60KN per square meter, and no mold expansion accidents will occur. .

        5. Wide range of applications: The aluminum formwork system is suitable for all building components, such as load-bearing walls, columns, beams, floor slabs, stairs, balconies, etc., which can be completed by cement pouring at one time.

        6. Good effect of concrete surface after demoulding: After demoulding of aluminum formwork, the quality of concrete surface is smooth and clean, which can meet the requirements of finishing and fair-faced concrete without plastering, which can save the cost of secondary plastering.

        7. No construction waste on site, safer construction: All parts of the aluminum formwork can be reused, there is no rubbish on site after demolding, no rust, no fire hazard, no iron nails on the installation site, no wood chips left by the chainsaw Wooden dowels and other construction debris, the construction site is tidy, and will not generate a large amount of construction waste like using wooden formwork. It fully meets the green building construction standards. By using lightweight panels, it can ensure that the constructors can work safely on the panels. 8. One-time design, high precision, and strong practicability: According to the construction drawings, one-time design, integral pouring, tight construction, small errors and high precision, to ensure the overall strength and service life of the building, very suitable for standard high-rise, super high-rise buildings and For multiple buildings of the same household type, the aluminum formwork can be assembled with different specifications of plates according to the project. When the used formwork is rebuilt into a new building, only about 20% of the non-standard plates need to be replaced.

        9. High recovery rate and large residual value: Aluminum alloy materials can be recycled all the time. After the aluminum formwork system is scrapped, when the waste treatment has a high residual value, all materials of the aluminum formwork are renewable materials, which conform to the national energy conservation, environmental protection, and Low-carbon, emission reduction regulations, and sustainable industrial policies.

        10. Few supporting systems and easy walking: In traditional construction methods, floor slab, platform and other formwork construction techniques generally use full-floor brackets, which consumes labor and materials. The bottom support system of the aluminum alloy formwork adopts "single-pipe vertical independent" support, with an average distance of 1.2 meters, no need for horizontal or inclined support support, large operating space, construction personnel, smooth material handling, and easy and convenient removal of single supports. Easy to manage.

Post time: Nov-05-2020