• The advantages of Aluminum Furniture

    The advantages of Aluminum Furniture

    “Be afraid of formaldehyde” Decoration pollution has become the biggest problem affecting the living quality. Manufacturing 3 ㎡wood based panel 1kg urea formaldehyde resin is needed, and all urea formaldehyde resins need formaldehyde to be synthesized About 90% of formaldehyde harm comes from wood-based panel furniture The biggest disadvantage of urea formaldehyde resin: instability What is aluminum furniture? Aluminum furniture VS Wooden furniture Direction of national strategic dev...
  • Solar Panel Frame

    Solar Panel Frame

    Huajian aluminium frame is the mean material of Solar panel frame, and it has many advantages such as:1. Light weight, the density of aluminum alloy is less than one-third of stainless steel, and the price is less than twice that of stainless steel.
  • Common Aluminium Profiles

    Common Aluminium Profiles

    Aluminum alloy window is widely used in the field of construction engineering because of its beauty, sealing and high strength.After surface treatment, aluminum alloy profile is bright and shiny, showing different colors and effects.
  • Curtain wall aluminium profile

    Curtain wall aluminium profile

    Curtain and window wall systems are used as building envelopes and assure maximum daylight intake within the interior space, creating a safe and comfortable environment for the building’s occupants. Moreover, aluminium curtain walls are a popular choice because of their high aesthetic value and their limitless possibilities in architectural applications.
  • Automobile aluminium profile

    Automobile aluminium profile

    Huajian Aluminium group research shows that about 75% of energy consumption is related to the weight of automobile,decrease car‘s weight can effectively reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Compared with steel, aluminum has obvious advantages.
  • Aluminium Furniture

    Aluminium Furniture

    Shandong Hualv Home Furnishing Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shandong Huajian Aluminum Group. Founded in 2017, it is a company integrating design and research and development of household profiles, decorative profiles and accessories, process standard formulation, construction training and guidance, market sales and brand promotion An integrated supporting and processing enterprise of aluminum home system with services.
  • Thermal Break Aluminium Window& Door

    Thermal Break Aluminium Window& Door

    Did you know that thermal break profiles were less commonly used a decade ? Thanks to companies like Huajian Technologies , the machinery needed to process thermal break profiles is now widely available. But just what is a thermal break, and why is it such big news?
  • Industrial aluminium profile

    Industrial aluminium profile

    Industrial aluminum profile, also known as: industrial aluminum extrusion material, industrial aluminum alloy profile. Industrial aluminum profile is an alloy material with aluminum as the main component. Aluminum rods can be obtained with different cross-section shapes through hot melting and extrusion. However, the proportion of added alloy is different, so the mechanical properties and application fields of industrial aluminum profiles are also different. Generally speaking, industrial aluminum profiles refer to all aluminum profiles except those for building doors and windows, curtain walls, indoor and outdoor decoration and building structures.
  • The Introduction of Industrial Aluminum Profiles’ Properties

    The Introduction of Industrial Aluminum Profiles’ Properties

    Aluminum alloy is one of the main metal materials for industrial applications. It has several main properties 1. Hardness. If industrial aluminum profile is used as a metal frame, it still needs to bear a certain weight. If it is only used as a decorative part, the hardness requirement is slightly lower. The hardness is directly related to the chemical composition of the alloy. Secondly, different conditions also have a greater impact. Judging from the achievable hardness, the 7 series, the 2...
  • Window&door aluminium profile

    Window&door aluminium profile

    Shandong EOSS Windows & Doors System Technology Co.. Ltd belongs to Shandong Huajian Aluminium Group Co., Ltd, it is mainly engaged in the development of windows, doors and curtain walls systems and hardware accessories design, manufacturing, sales & installation, e-commerce, software development, sales and service.EOSS company gathers China's top-level engineer on Fenestration field.
  • Aluminium Form Work Plate

    Aluminium Form Work Plate

    As a new building formwork in recent years, building aluminum formwork can be seen in more and more developed countries in the world, it is superior to the traditional template in material, construction effect, cost budget, service life, environmental protection and so on. At the same time, it can reduce the cost of the project, improve the engineering quality, speed up the construction period and avoid human error in the construction process, after the removal of the board without the residual engineering waste, to provide a safe and civilized working environment for the construction workers.